Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Beautiful South - AcouMunich


29 November 2001 - Boeblingen - Munich, Germany

Opening act was the German band "Lost in Venice", four young guys from Stuttgart. They were quite good after all in my opinion, and I also bought one of their 4-track CDs (quite cheap: DM10). Their music was quite different to TBS, but I still liked it. And "Ugly Faces" proved to be a fabulous song. They started their set at 19:45 and played 45 minutes. Another 35-minute-wait and TBS entered the stage to something like a circus march or so. The setlist was the same as in Cologne. I managed to get hold of a setlist after the gig, but it wasn't easy! the crewmembers on stage didn't hear me asking for a setlist, and security was first asking me (for their level quite polite) to shove off, then they were about to kick me out. Just in time I caught the attention of a crew member who eagerly passed me and another fan a setlist each. When they saw him loosening the pieces of paper from the ground, security was at least generous enough to wait until we got them in our hand before they threw us out the hall.About the first half hour of the concert was a bit poor regarding audience response. But until the end the atmosphere was really excellent, one band member also said so after the show. The entire band enjoyed themselves and even Hamster was walking around a lot, smiling and, well lot of dancing compared to his usual level. The performances and the sound were fantastic. During Perfect 10 Paul was pointing to Sean when singing anorexic chicks and to John Hoff (not sure about the surname) afterwards - Dave R.'s stand in. I noticed that Paul even altered the lyrics in the beginning to "He’s a perfect 10" and so on. The song seemed to be big fun for everyone in this version. Paul made some mistakes in Alone, one can see here what happens if the practice is missing ;-) They didn't play Alone anytime last tour, did they? Paul's rendition of Rotterdam was great as well. He introduced the song like "This is a Jacqui song that I have to sing now, so don't be to harsh with me". Of course the cheering after the song was fanatic and Paul said smiling "Thanks for your generosity." :-) I was happy they added The Med, and Baby Plase Go, still my fav track of PIR, kicked ass! The acoustic version of the River should have been at least b-side to the new single. This song and afterwards Let Love Speak Up Itself were an amazing moment. But okay, I'll stop the babbling about specific songs, which wouldn't lead anywhere than "everysong was great..."

01. Especially For You
02. Old Red Eyes Is Back
03. Blackbird On The Wire
04. Song For Whoever
05. Prettiest Eyes
06. The Root Of All Evil
07. Alone
08. The River
09. Perfect 10
10. Tupperware Queen
11. One Last Love Song
12. Let Love Speak Up Itself
13. Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)
14. You're The One That I Want
15. Don't Marry Her

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